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RIDOT Publishes Inadequate Environmental Assessment of Impact of Truck Tolls

Today, the American Trucking Associations and its state affiliate, the Rhode Island Trucking Association called on the Federal Highway Administration to reject the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s assessment of the environmental impact of the state’s proposed RhodeWorks truck-only toll scheme.

ATA Pleased by Court Win Over New York State Thruway Tolls

Today, American Trucking Associations officials said they were pleased that a federal court ruled against New York State’s practice of using tolls paid by interstate truckers as a piggybank to finance unrelated tourism and recreation projects that make up the New York Canal System.

American Trucking Associations Challenges New York Thruway Tolling Practices

Sending a message to toll authorities nationwide that use highway tolls as a piggybank for unrelated projects, American Trucking Associations today filed a lawsuit challenging the New York State Thruway Authority’s diversion of millions of dollars of toll revenues every year to maintain the tourism and recreational facilities that make up the New York Canal System.

N.J. Trucking Executive Warns Senate on the True Cost of Tolls

Today in testimony before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, NFI Chief Financial Officer Steve Grabell warned that rapidly increasing toll rates, as well as the spread of tolls across the transportation system, are a threat