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ATA Hopes Final Truck Efficiency Rule Will Achieve Emissions Goals

Today, leaders at the American Trucking Associations said they were cautiously optimistic that the second round of the Obama administration’s greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for commercial trucks would achieve the targets set out by the administration and that they hoped the 10-year phase-in period for the regulation would not be unduly disruptive to fleets and manufacturers.

U.S. District Court Finalizes "Hot Fuel" Lawsuit Settlement

Judge Kathryn Vratil on Jan. 10 issued a final settlement order in a class-action lawsuit against U.S. refiners and retailers over allegedly selling illegal 'hot fuel' gasoline and diesel fuel. In the suit, consumer parties argued that they either got mor

Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Process Inches Ahead

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality submitted its final report to Governor Dave Heineman to allow the pipeline transport of bitumen derived from Alberta, Canada oil sands across the state. The latest report concludes that the revised pipeline