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BATSA testimony revised 412

The health of this Nation’s economy depends critically on interstate commerce, and interstate commerce in turn depends very heavily on efficient freight transportation. Most of that freight is carried by truck – some 67% by tonnage and some 81% as measured by transportation receipts.


The trucking industry is essential to freight transportation and the nation’s economy. We deliver virtually all of the consumer goods in the United States, and employ nearly 7 million Americans in trucking-related jobs.

032911 FINAL Windsor Written Testimony TI hearing

Mr. Chairman, a safe, efficient system of highways connecting America’s cities, towns and rural areas is essential to our country’s economic well-being, military security, and overall quality of life. Our predeces

3-29-11 Windsor Oral Statement

Statement of Barbara Windsor, President and CEO of Hahn Transportation Inc. and Chairman of American Trucking Associations Before the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit