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ATA Webinar - IRP & IFTA-An Introduction and Assessment

In this webinar, ATA's Bob Pitcher, Vice President of State Laws, will cover a little of the history of IRP and IFTA – where they came from and why; the basics of how each agreement works; and offer an assessment of the importance of IRP and IFTA to the motor carrier industry.

ATA Webinar - Mid-Term Election Update

Join the ATA legislative affairs team on Thursday, November 8th at 2PM in a post-midterm elections webinar, for a lively discussion on election night winners and losers, changes to expect in the House and Senate, and what the trucking industry can anticipate looking ahead

ATA Webinar - Mergers & Acquistions - From the Beginning

The first in a series of merger and acquisitions (M&A) webinars, presenters will provide a check list of steps to be taken, processes to be followed, parties to be assembled, questions to be asked and answered, and documents to be compiled even before the formal due diligence process begins.

SMC Webinar: Omada's Digital Behavior Change Program to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Today’s drivers are busier than ever—working longer hours, taking fewer vacations, and spending more time on the road and less at home. For far too many, this means less access to exercise and healthy foods. The Omada’s program is an affordable lifestyle change program that can help individuals prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes and maintain their CDL.