Hazardous Materials Policy Committee

Mission Statement

The Hazardous Material Policy Committee is responsible for developing ATA policy governing the transportation of hazardous materials. Committee members provide direct input on ATA's comments to the executive agencies and help develop position papers for use in ATA's lobbying efforts. The current agenda includes implementation of hazardous materials safety and security initiatives, harmonization of international standards governing the transportation of hazardous materials, and ensuring uniform regulations to promote the safe, secure and efficient transportation of these critical materials. The committee receives additional support from the Safety & Loss Prevention Management Council’s hazardous materials committee.

Staff Liaison

Committee Chair & Vice Chair

Committee Chair

Samuel C. Faucette

Vice President
Safety and Compliance
Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Committee Vice Chair

David Guess

Executive VP, Safety & HR
Usher Transport, Inc.
Louisville, KY

NOTE: All ATA meetings are conducted in strict compliance with the ATA Antitrust Guidelines and pursuant to Robert’s Rules of Order.