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Why America Needs You
At this very moment, and around the clock, coast-to-coast, trucks are on the road hauling the essentials - everything the Nation needs such as food, books, clothing, electronics, automobiles and medical supplies. In 2011, the U.S. trucking industry hauled 67 percent of the total volume of freight transported in the United States. More than 26 million trucks of all classes, including 2.4 million typical Class 8 trucks operated by more than 1.2 million interstate motor carriers, kept America moving.

Trucking also plays an important role in trade exchanged between the United States and two of our largest trading partners, Canada and Mexico. Trucks transported 81 percent of the value of trade between the United States and Mexico in 2010 and 63 percent of the value of trade between the United States and Canada.

But a serious shortage exists in some segments of the trucking industry. It’s not a shortage of freight or equipment; it’s a shortage of men and women qualified to drive trucks.

Currently, there is a truck driver shortage of approximately 20,000 drivers per year. This number is expected to increase to 111,000 drivers per year by 2014. The shortage is not due to a lack of interest, just basic economics – the demand for professional truck drivers is growing faster than the number of new drivers entering the field. The industry is desperate for new drivers. If you received your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) today, it’s almost certain there would be a job available to you tomorrow.

To help solve the growing shortage of drivers, the American Trucking Associations has developed a web site (www.GetTrucking.com) to help people interested in a career as a driver find out how to go about it. The website has the most up to date information on the trucking industry and can answer all of your questions about life in trucking. The industry is looking for both men and women of all ages who want to experience the open road.

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As leaders in the trucking industry, be sure to mark your calendars for the 2014 must-attend ATA meetings and important dates. Join your trucking industry colleagues to learn the most up to date information that affects your business, and have the opportunity for engaging discussions.

Trucking's Top Rookie 2013

Randall-Reilly announced TMC Transportation company driver Kyle Lee as the winner in its Trucking’s Top Rookie program at a ceremony on Friday, August 23 during the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

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