VMRS for Tracking Part Failures


Parts fail every day, at all hours of the day, anytime anywhere. There are numerous causes for part failures but describing the correct cause can be a difficult task. Employees need a definitive method for describing part failures when entering the information on repair orders. VMRS has the solution!

Code Key 18: Technician Failure Code contains over 90 concise codes that identify the apparent failure of a suspect component. There are codes to describe if a part is “cracked (14), “out of balance” (25) or “seized” (37). There are also codes for describing body/paint failures, examples are; “overspray” (71), “orange peel” (73), and “thin paint or unpainted” (75).

It’s important that a fleet track part failures in order to spot trends and reoccurring failures. Recording precise parts data will enable a fleet to make the correct purchases and keep inventory levels manageable. VMRS has the tools that will make tracking part failures an easy task for technicians and shop managers. VMRS makes the task easy by providing a precise coding taxonomy. Nothing fancy, just the facts.

Parts will fail, equipment will break down but VMRS will be there to help handle the job. For over 35 years VMRS has been a mainstay in operating many types of maintenance facilities. It’s been the one constant in the maintenance shop that employees can rely on.

The current version of VMRS is version 1.05. To find out more about VMRS contact me at 703-838-7928 or jposter@trucking.org. Order any VMRS product by calling 866-821-3468 or online at http://atabusinesssolutions.com