VMRS – Products That Help



The majority of fleets today are using VMRS as part of their daily maintenance routine. VMRS has truly become an integral part of a fleet’s maintenance operation. VMRS has been in use for over 30 years and yet it’s a good idea to refresh employees on the use of the codes. TMC offers several products that will help familiarize employees with VMRS.


A must for any fleet using VMRS is a copy of the Implementation Handbook. The Handbook includes instructions, descriptions, sample reports and forms, applications, and procedures. The Handbook will help train new employees and reacquaint employees that have been using VMRS for any length of time.  


TMC also offers VMRS repair code wall charts. The charts include a complete listing of the “system” codes and a written description of what’s found in each system. Code Key 15 (Work Accomplished) and Code Key 18 (Technician Failure Code) are also listed on the charts. The charts are available in two sizes – Large (25x19) and Small (8.5x11). The charts are a handy way to familiarize employees with the VMRS codes. 


You never know when the computers will go down and leave you empty handed. A good way to keep the shop going is to have plenty of the VMRS repair order forms on hand. The form is four-part and records work accomplished and parts used. The forms are also sequentially numbered and include instructions. Having the VMRS repair order forms in stock is a good back-up plan for any fleet.


TMC offers a diverse array of products for any maintenance operation. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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The current version of VMRS is version 1.05. To find out more about VMRS, contact me at 703-838-7928 or jposter@trucking.org.