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The ATA U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast to 2028 projects continued growth for freight transportation overall and for the trucking industry. In 2017, ATA Projects that 15.18 billion tons of freight will be moved by all modes � a figure that rises 36.6% to 20.73 billion tons in 2028.


�As we look ahead at the rest of the 21st Century, the projections found in U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast are invaluable to decision makers in the board room and the hearing room alike, said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. �Having good, accurate data is critical to making sure businesses are making appropriate investments in their companies and that our government is making the proper investments in our nation�s infrastructure.�


A sampling of data Trends includes:

  • Economic Forecast Annual Growth Rate
  • Domestic Transportation Market by Mode 2017
  • Disposition of Freight by Mode 2017
  • Freight Forecast Summary � All Modes
  • Summary of Primary Freight by Mode � Volume and Revenue
  • Truck Volume Forecast: For-Hire & Private Motor Carriers
  • Truck Revenue Forecast: Fore-Hire & Private Motor Carriers
  • Rail Volume Forecast: Rail Carload & Rail Intermodal Freight
  • Rail Revenue Forecast: Rail Carload & Rail Intermodal
  • Air Cargo Forecast: Volume & Revenue
  • Waterborne Commerce Forecast: Volume & Revenue
  • Pipeline Commerce Forecast: Volume & Revenue
  • U.S. Retail Sales of Class 3-8 Trucks
  • Vehicles in Operation (VIO)
  • U.S. Industrial Output
  • U.S. Manufacturing Output
  • Key Drivers of Freight Transportation
  • Regional Economic Outlook
  • U.S. Regional Inbound & Outbound Freight Flow
  • U.S. Manufactured versus Non-Manufactured Goods
  • U.S. Trade
  • Domestic Tonnage by Mode: 1990 Through 2028
  • Domestic Revenue by Mode: 1990 Through 2028



The complete Forecast report is available in book and downloadable PDF formats. ALL FORECAST PDF SALES ARE FINAL.  Report not printable from PDF.


* Individual-user PDFs can be open on two computers or tablets.

** Group-user PDFs can be open on 10 computers or tablets. Group-users will receive an email with group credentials to open the PDF.


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