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ATA Issues HOS Preparation and 'Training Tips' Document

ATA has collected advice from industry experts on how fleets might best prepare for the hours of service regulatory changes which are currently scheduled to become effective on July 1. The industry finds itself in a ‘hope for the best and prepare for the worst’ position concerning the litigation and the July 1 effective date. In order to help carrier members prepare, ATA contacted some of the industry’s leading trucking companies about how they are preparing for the new rules, should they go into effect. The document, titled Preparing for Hours of Service (HOS) Changes, encourages companies to start training early and to be sure to educate not just their drivers but also the shippers and brokers they do business with. It also contains links to additional resources. It is free and available to the public online by clicking here. Contact Sean Garney at sgarney@trucking.org.