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Bill Graves
President & CEO
American Trucking Associations
Welcome to the new ATA Business of Trucking newsletter. Each quarter we will bring you current and insightful information on a variety of topics of interest to your business. Following the large amount of interest shown at the ATA Summit on Natural Gas, in this issue we are continuing the conversation on how natural gas is impacting the trucking industry.
The use of natural gas in trucking is a practical, available solution that is transforming the industry. Natural gas is an affordable option today that can stabilize expenses, increase ROI, reduce maintenance, and enhance sustainability for motor carriers. While new vehicles are available with dedicated natural gas engines for some trucks, dual fuel systems are impacting the market much more broadly because they can affordably convert the existing trucks in fleets.
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Solutions That Fuel Success: Converting Fleets to Natural Gas is an Affordable and Business Savvy Alternative
The benefits of using natural gas can best be demonstrated by the symbiotic relationship between Encana Natural Gas Inc. (“Encana”), a subsidiary of Encana Corporation and Heckmann Water Resources (“Heckmann”). Heckmann was the first water hauling company servicing the oil and gas industry to convert its fleet to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the first company to run LNG trucks in Louisiana. While reaping the benefits of affordability, Heckmann’s fleet has convenient access to an abundance of fuel provided by Encana. This partnership has resulted in the largest LNG tank truck fleet in North America.
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Natural Gas Questions & Answers
Dual Fuel Conversion Systems
Natural Gas Conversions
Ask the Right Questions
The evolution of natural gas from a niche market fuel to a mainstream alternative to diesel for heavy duty truck transportation will gain significant momentum in the 2013-2015 time period. That natural gas as a transportation fuel became the topic of conversation over the past few years is supported by the proposition that “lowest total cost” will ultimately prevail. Supporting the move from niche to mainstream are four pillars that support fuel change evolution, to include:
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