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ATA and the trucking industry continue to tell trucking’s story through image programs, advertisements, education, films, the media and the professional truck driver. The stories focus on essentiality, safety and professionalism, as well as reliability, security and, most recently, sustainability. Through the ATA Image program, “Good stuff. Trucks Bring It,” the essentiality of trucking is highlighted. The program tells a story that trucks deliver everything from the good stuff to life’s essentials, and they do so safely, securely and on time. The program showcases that trucks deliver to your home, the local hospital, or your grocery store, all places rail, ship and air transportation cannot deliver. Everything you eat, wear and use was touched by a truck at one point during delivery. 80% of all U.S. communities depend solely on trucking.

Education is the key element to forming and changing public opinion, and we encourage the entire industry to get involved.

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Truckers Against Trafficking Launches Man to Man Campaign

Today, American Trucking Associations joined Truckers Against Trafficking for the launch of the Man to Man Campaign, an effort to eliminate the demand for human trafficking throughout the transportation industry by inviting men to speak out about the inhuman practices of sex traffickers to individuals who demand their services.

Trucking Industry Advises Travelers ahead of Winter Storm Mateo

Today, it’s cold. This weekend, it is going to be cold. Snowy, icy, rainy and other inclement conditions are expected to hit regions across the U.S., causing travel delays and creating unsafe driving conditions. American Trucking Associations and the greater trucking industry asks motorists to practice safe driving habits and pay close attention to forecasts throughout the weekend.

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