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Overview & ATA's Position

ATA supports a federal highway program that is financed primarily by user fees, and which focuses on improving highway networks that are most critical to the movement of freight and interstate travel. A long-time supporter of the fuel tax as the primary source of revenue for highway improvements, ATA is opposed to the tolling of existing highways, weight-distance taxes/vehicle miles traveled fees, and other inefficient funding and financing mechanisms. We support a reformed federal truck size and weight regime that gives states more flexibility to authorize safer, cleaner, more productive vehicles, and that retains federal regulations designed to promote interstate commerce.​

Latest News

ATA Pleased by Court Win Over New York State Thruway Tolls

Today, American Trucking Associations officials said they were pleased that a federal court ruled against New York State’s practice of using tolls paid by interstate truckers as a piggybank to finance unrelated tourism and recreation projects that make up the New York Canal System.

Trucking Moves America Forward Applauds Passage of Long-Term Highway Funding Bill

Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF), the industry-wide trucking image and education movement, applauds the U.S. Congress for passing a long-term highway funding bill. The critical legislation, which President Obama signed into law on Friday, December 4, ensures increased safety and efficiency for professional truck drivers and motorists alike.

FAST Act Advances Several Important Trucking Industry Priorities

For years, securing passage of a long-term highway bill has been a top priority for ATA and its members. That goal was met on December 4 when President Obama signed the FAST Act – a five-year bill with $281 billion in guaranteed funding for the nation’s roads, bridges and other surface transportation needs. ATA will now vigilantly monitor the bill’s implementation, because it contains a great deal of important items for trucking.

ATA Thanks House for Passage of Long Term Highway Bill

Today, the American Trucking Associations praised the House of Representatives for passing a long-term highway bill that will take important steps to improve highway safety and efficiency and urged congressional leaders to quickly move the bill to the President's desk.

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