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From safety to the environment and from the economy to engineering, American Trucking Associations is the leading authority on all of the issues facing the trucking industry.

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Overview & ATA's Position

American Trucking Associations is committed to practical policies and technologies that reduce pollution from commercial truck operations, vehicle maintenance and other industry facilities. To that end, ATA advocates for science-based laws and regulations to maintain and protect the environment, and to the greatest extent possible, ensure uniformity across all levels of government.​

Latest News

ATA Hopes Final Truck Efficiency Rule Will Achieve Emissions Goals

Today, leaders at the American Trucking Associations said they were cautiously optimistic that the second round of the Obama administration’s greenhouse gas and fuel efficiency standards for commercial trucks would achieve the targets set out by the administration and that they hoped the 10-year phase-in period for the regulation would not be unduly disruptive to fleets and manufacturers.

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Legislative, Regulatory and Litigation Efforts

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