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American Trucking Associations Challenges New York Thruway Tolling Practices

Sending a message to toll authorities nationwide that use highway tolls as a piggybank for unrelated projects, American Trucking Associations today filed a lawsuit challenging the New York State Thruway Authority’s diversion of millions of dollars of toll revenues every year to maintain the tourism and recreational facilities that make up the New York Canal System.

U.S. District Court Finalizes "Hot Fuel" Lawsuit Settlement

Judge Kathryn Vratil on Jan. 10 issued a final settlement order in a class-action lawsuit against U.S. refiners and retailers over allegedly selling illegal 'hot fuel' gasoline and diesel fuel. In the suit, consumer parties argued that they either got mor

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Issues State Lawsuit Climate Rankings

The Institute for Legal Reform of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has issued its ninth ranking of the civil liability systems of the fifty states. The ranking was determined by a poll of senior business attorneys and executives, who were asked to rank state

Lawsuit Filed on NAFTA Trucking; DOT IG Issues NAFTA Report

On Sept. 2, the Teamsters and Public Citizen filed a 'Petition for Review' with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to review the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's (DOT) plan to implement a cross-border pilot program with Mexico.

DC Circuit Upholds EPA's Renewable Fuels Standard

An appeals court in Washington, D.C., rejected the American Petroleum Institute and the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency's implementation of the biodiesel blending provisions

ATA Files Post-Trial Brief in Port of Los Angeles Litigation

ATA filed its post-trial brief Friday, March 14 in its litigation with the Port of Los Angeles (POLA). The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against the port's concession plan mechanism. ATA expects a final decision on the matter soon.

Navistar Settles Lawsuit with EPA over 2010 Engine Guidance

On May 3, Navistar International Corp. announced that it had negotiated a settlement agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and would drop its lawsuit challenging EPA's certification policies for 2010 engines equipped with selective cata