Certified VMRS Specialist Program

ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) is introducing a Certified Specialist Program for users of the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS).

The Certified VMRS Specialist Program provides current VMRS users a means of demonstrating their expertise and proficiency. It also encourages others to increase their knowledge and use of VMRS.

The program highlights the importance of VMRS to employers and encourage employees to continue their VMRS education. Certified VMRS Specialists will display their certification and continue the proud tradition of implementing VMRS.

VMRS has been an important tool for successful fleet operation for more than 40 years and now users can receive acknowledgment of their expertise. The Certified VMRS Specialist Program highlights VMRS to employers and encourage employees to continue their VMRS education. It also broadens the scope and importance of VMRS to the maintenance community.

The certification testing process consists of 15 multiple choice and one essay question pertaining to the use and implementation of VMRS. The questions assess an applicant’s knowledge of the VMRS coding structure and guidelines. The certification is valid for two years; applicants must retest to keep their status valid.

The certification testing costs $100 for ATA/TMC members; $125 for  non-members.  In cases of a failing grade, one free retest will be administered. An applicant must obtain a passing grade of 80 percent to qualify for certification status. If an applicant fails both tests, all subsequent testing will be administered at full price.

To register for testing, goto www.atabusinessolutions.com and search for Item Number T0902 or call (703) 838-7928. There is no time limit on taking the test; the renewal periosd starts on the initial date of purchase.

The VMRS Certified Specialist will join an exclusive group of committed people willing to go the extra step in improving their skills. TMC is proud to offer the VMRS community this opportunity to highlight their knowledge of VMRS.
For further information on the VMRS Certified Specialist program, contact Jack Poster at (703) 838-7928 or jposter@trucking.org

Current List of Certified VMRS Specialists
The following is the current list of Certified VMRS Specialists.
Will South – South Consulting
Kurt Freitag – Aurora Trailers
Brendan Gallagher – Superior Carriers
Jarit Cornelius – Sharp Transportation
Mike Murthough – PartsRiver
Ashley Lugenbeal – Wiers Fleet Partners
Daryle Shuford – FleetNet America
Rocky Carroll – FleetNet America
Paul Moszak – Motor Information Systems
Aaron DeNeef – Motor Information Systems
Anthony Pisa – Motor Information Systems
John Hauser – Motor Information Systems
Chris Edd – Motor Information Systems
Larry Kingsley – Motor Information Systems
Justin Brevik – Perkins Specialized Transportation
Chris Harrell – Old Dominion Freight Line
Scott Wilhelm – Old Dominion Freight Line
Tim Bardin – Old Dominion Freight Line
Blain Alwran – Old Dominion Freight Line
Chantel Hudelson – Republic Services
Lonnie Melton – CalArk Trucking
Stephane Godbout – Brossard Inc.
Don Davis – ABF Freight System
Brendan Gallagher – Superior Carriers
Doris Kocher – Republic Services
Rebecca Salinas – Republic Services
Kevin Kortz – Republic Services
Patricia Knapp – Republic Services
Corderro Caberro – Republic Services
Jacqueline Lyons – Republic Services
 Jason Mergele – Republic Services
 Tara White – Republic Services
 Lacia Scarpino – Republic Services
Kimberly Coffelt – Republic Services
Amy Marshman – Republic Services
 Sharon English – Republic Services
 Pamela Petro – Republic Services
 Ray Martinez – Republic Services
 Doug Myers – Republic Services
 Michelle Barainyak – Republic Services
 Mark Bowe – Republic Services
 Chuck Carollo – Republic Services
 Nicole Strickland – Republic Services
 Krista Devonshire – Republic Services
 William Cash – Republic Services
 Ruth Gendreau – Republic Services
 Donna Corle – Republic Services
 Shana Johnson – Republic Services
 Lew Flowers – Schwans, Inc.
 Randy Miers – Monarch Beverage
 Dave Reed - Arsenault Associates
 Jim Nicholl – Arsenault Associates
 John Davis – Arsenault Associates
 Dan Weider – Arsenault Associates
 Maggie Laird – Arsenault Associates

Lynn Brown – Brookshires

Benjamin Curtis – Boyle Transport

Patrick Martin – TransCarriers

Christopher Tapp – TransCarriers

William Souza – Republic Services

Tabitha Coley – Republic Services

Veniva Paschal – FleetNet America

Misty Hansley – FleetNet America

Kelly Thompson – FleetNet America

Matthew Bane – FleetNet America

Ashley Jenks – FleetNet America

Leana Davis – FleetNet America

Ian Vice – Perfit Computer

Patrick Merg – SnapOn

Jake Schell – Mitchell1

Tony Neven – Great Dane Trailers

Jon White – John White Inc

Angela Rossman – FleetNet America

Samantha Elmore – FleetNet America

Dwight Smith – FleetNet America

Joe Hersek – FleetNet America

Phil Hrynenko – SEFA Group

Charles Schneider – Republic

Dave Gartee – TMW Systems
Pete Wallen, Cetaris
Teresa Yurko, Republic Services
Linda Smith, Republic Services
Steve Kirkland, Dossier Systems
John Walborn, Dossier Systems
James Bennett, PAM Transport
Montie Wolfinbarger, PAM Transport
Shane Barnes, PAM Transport
Sandra White, Republic Services